Hemp Wax

100% natural, sustainable, vegan Hemp wax has been added to my CocoBee line!

I am excited to diversify my line by bringing you this innovative and new candle wax!  I am always on the look out for changes in the market.  As we get smarter, as technology changes and progresses, new and better products are introduced. 

Hemp wax is one of them! Soy wax is no longer the best natural candle wax today.  Since its discovery, coconut wax and now- hemp wax, have come to market and are proving to be simply the best.  Hemp wax is made by cold pressing the hemp seed.  The final product is blended with small amounts of soy, food grade paraffin and coconut to make a vegan candle wax.

Truly eco-friendly, highly sustainable, renewable and ethically sourced materials that are changing the candle market.  Try one! I know you'll love them.