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Collection: Cheese Mold Candles

Hand- carved wooden cheese molds.  These are so beautiful and make a great centerpiece for any table.  They will have natural wood characteristics such as dents, holes, scratches and chips.  No mold is the same, varying slightly in size and shape.

Choose the size you are looking for: 2 hole, 3 hole, 4 hole, 5 hole and 7 hole

All cheese mold candles are re-fillable, so you can enjoy your candle over and over.  Wooden products are also re-cyclable, or can easily be re-purposed.

I have a few ready to go but these are mostly made to order. 

Please message me before your purchase to confirm the scent you want.  The mold will be ready for you in 7-10 days but cannot be burned for 14 days to allow the wax to cure.  If you prefer, I can hold it for the 14 days.  

After your message/confirmation I will create a listing for you to purchase.

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