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Why are hand-made candles so expensive?

I get this question all the time! When you understand that most people's experiences with candles consist of those found at TJ Maxx, Target or Bath & Body Works in the mall, it all makes sense!  Those are "HUGE" corporations who buy left overs or manufacture their own candles at a very inexpensive price.  They buy in bulk, making the price of raw materials much less than what I can get them for.  These companies also use the "cheapest" ingredients possible.  #truth

They mask these cheap ingredients with nice marketing words like "essential oils", "plant-based", "natural blend", etc. etc....lies, lies lies.  Fluffy lies that we like and they make us feel good.  I've bought almost every type of candle you can think of, and some of them I liked.  But I always knew they weren't good for me.

Small candle makers, make a variety of candles- both bad for you and good for you.  It just depends on what their "PURPOSE" is.  Many just want to make money, sadly.  (we all need money to survive, but greed is a terrible thing) These people use the same cheap glass and cheap ingredients masked by "handmade" tags to make money off you.  YOU are in demand!

I started this company with a vision for change! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy candles but I did not enjoy being taken advantage of, I did not enjoy the cheap ingredients and marketing lies.

I can tell you that my candles are not cheap.  The glass, the wood, the oils and the waxes are all expensive because they are quality.  This cuts into my profits of course, but that's okay.  My philosophy is eco-friendly, QUALITY and SUSTAINABILITY.  Be aware of what you are buying! If the maker doesn't disclose what is in that candle clearly, then pass on it.  DO NOT trust their marketing fluff or labels, a person will do just about anything for money....believe me, I've seen so much since I started this business.

CocoBee candles are not full of lies.  I will not play games with you and I will treat you fairly.  If you want a cheap candle, they're out there -making money for huge corporations.  If you want a quality candle, it will cost more! 

The choice is yours :)