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About CocoBee


CocoBee is a company built on PURPOSE and developed through a vision for change!

I am an AVID candle lover and always have a cupboard full of candles....always!
I loved supporting local chandlers and buying their art.  I was just never quite satisfied with my experiences...nothing wrong with the candle maker or anything like that.  I just felt like things should be different. I was tired of being "marketed" to with "everything being natural and healthy" and just wanted the truth.
One day I opened my cupboard, saw all the empty candle jars I could no longer re-purpose and KNEW things had to change.  Candle buying isn't supposed to make me feel wasteful, right?
I started doing some research about candle making and the business of candle making.  (I had made candles for fun previously)  Talked to a lot of people, companies and started taking classes/reading books.  This was the beginning of my "candle awakening".
I wanted to answer these questions:  
  • Why is everything soy wax?  ....WHY?
  • Why do we have to buy a new candle every time?
  • Is there other styles out there? 
  • Why can't most jars be re-cycled? (most can't....even if they're glass)
These were my MUST have's:
  • something different than soy wax and definitely not paraffin wax
  • something truly sustainable (not just words for marketing purposes)
  • something truly healthy and non-GMO 
  • something that would bring a greater value to people, yet be affordable
    CocoBee was born!
    In spring of 2019, I had gathered enough information to know that I could bring something to my community that wasn't here.
    I decided on wooden dough bowls and cheese molds as my MAIN vessel.  
    They are made from various recycled wood or un-useable wood for flooring etc, they are made by hand and they are RE-FILLABLE !!  
    This is more sustainable, offers greater value to my customer and is less wasteful than a new candle jar.  
    To shorten my story-- the whole MISSION & PURPOSE
    of this company is YOU!
    To provide YOU with sustainable, affordable and re-useable products; so that you get the most out of your purchase ....all while reducing waste :) 
    This company is for you.  
    I have a full-time job already, but I willingly put the time aside to bring this concept to our community because I want more for US! 
    CocoBee name stands for the waxes I use and also my initials.
    Re-use is the future! I hope you join me.....
    and enjoy some candles too!