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Scent Menu

Signature Scent Menu

Anything But Plain:

Who doesn't love a vanilla candle?  This vanilla is anything but plain.

Vanilla - Amber -Peach

Let's Grab A Chai:

One of my favorite ways to catch up with a friend.  Let's go!

Maple -Orange -Brown Sugar

What's Your Mantra:

Really, what is it?  Without sharing too much, lighting a candle is part of mine. This warm, spicy scent is perfect for those moments.

Black Pepper -Red Berries -Vetiver


Sweet and Spicy, this scent goes over and beyond

Tamarind-Coumarin-Brown Sugar

Boss Babe:

Feminine, strong, sexy with a touch of masculine a boss

Orange Blossom-Fig-Cedarwood


Highly relaxing and cleansing scent.  100% natural oils


Fall Scent Menu
*Fall scents are available until gone
Lilac Avenue:  
Named after a beautiful little house nestled in the forest. Surrounded by trees, birds and all of nature's beauty.
Lemon, Roses and Fir Trees
Mom's Holiday Jam:
It's the holiday season and fall smells are filling the air.  At home, mom's making her special jam that makes your mouth water!
Apple -Cinnamon -Orange Zest
Libra Season:
Simply my favorite time of year! When the weather starts to change, leaves change colors and all the pumpkins arrive 
Pumpkin -Brown Sugar -Cinnamon 
This scent is very masculine and different.  Chill out on a leather sofa with an old book and just lounge
Leather- Tobacco- Patchouli
Dinner Party:
Dinner, friends and this minty delight burning! sounds like a good night
Mint- Citronella- Bergamot


Beeswax Candles Only:

CocoBee Beeswax is scented with 100% NATURAL oil & essential oil blends.  NOTHING SYNTHETIC at all.  They are pure and truly natural, safe for your skin and a gift from nature.

(Note: beeswax candles are lightly scented)

Inner Peace:

Nicely balanced traditional lavender



My signature scent blend-sweet and a bit nutty! Smells like CocoBee

Coconut-Brown Sugar-Vanilla Bean


Highly relaxing and cleansing smell

Eucalyptus -Peppermint


Natural beeswax, unscented