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Scent Menu

Signature Scent Menu

*indicates scents that will be phased out when gone, get them while you can!

*Soul Mate

palo santo - patchouli - sweet tobacco


lemon - lilac

Berry Jane

hemp - berries 


Best Friend

orange blossom

*Spa Day

eucalyptus - peppermint 

Brown Eyed Girl
rose - vanilla - plum
Free Spirit
lavender - sage
*Chaos Coordinator
coffee - caramel

Beeswax Candles Only:

CocoBee Beeswax is scented with 100% NATURAL oil & essential oil blends.  NOTHING SYNTHETIC at all.  They are pure and truly natural, safe for your skin and a gift from nature.

(Note: beeswax candles are lightly scented by request)


natural beeswax, unscented


vanilla - coconut