Why Coconut Wax?

A few years ago, I purchased my first coconut wax candle.  It was the best!  Really....it was.  Why?  I immediately noticed the smooth look of the candle after it was burned.  As you know, soy candles tend to be lumpy unless they are heavily fortified with something (they never tell you what that "something" is).  My first coconut wax candle burned so nice and smelled great too.  From that point on, I began noticing different things about candles I bought and I started researching the toxic nature of some candles too and learning about environmental impacts of candles ( I know...who knew).

I learned so much about waxes, toxins from candles we burn and unfortunately the many marketing lies that we (consumers) are told.  Prior to my "candle awakening", I bought and tried everything including big box paraffin blends- always masked as a "natural wax blend".  *Here is a tip, unless you are told otherwise, that "blend" is paraffin.  Yuck! To be fair, there are studies showing that paraffin in candles is not un-safe for you...but I'm not going to burn it for years to find out.

For CocoBee candles, the choice was clear! I have chosen coconut wax for YOU because it is the best!  It also has less negative impacts on our world.  Coconut wax is naturally pesticide free, non-GMO, has a creamy white texture, holds fragrance very well and is truly sustainable.  Coconut wax comes from an easily renewable crop, is ethically sourced and has no impact on farm lands or forests.

So why doesn't everyone use coconut wax?  Great question!  The answer is in their research and in the candle industries marketing.  On the surface, soy wax seems like the "healthy, vegan, natural option" and it is a highly marketed wax to candle makers. Soy became popular because, at the time, it was better than paraffin wax.  However, as the world has become more knowledgeable and new wax has been developed,  soy is no longer the best paraffin alternative (in my opinion).  Don't believe me? Good.  Research on your own, it's the best way to form your own opinion.  

On another note, it would be unfair if I didn't say that there is a place for ALL waxes, as they all have different qualities/uses.  I just prefer to bring you the best waxes available.

Best Wishes On Your Own Candle Awakening!