My store is paused, while I get ready for some changes. Please DM/email me for refills & questions. Thank-you

Re-Fill Program


I'm so proud to share my refill program with you all. 


I chose the wooden dough bowls and molds specifically so you could have re-fills.  The glass vessels are also available with a limited refill.  

 Is Re-filling safe?"

I have specifically chosen all candle vessels for this purpose. CocoBee glass isn't your typical thin & inexpensive candle jar glass.  It is thicker and heavier.  My wood products are made specifically for candle wax and since they are natural wood, they are durable.

Through my research and communication with others, I have found no reason why refilling your candle cannot be done safely (when the right vessels are chosen).  

I have refilled the products I offer multiple times during my testing phases, without complication.

All things break down with heat and moisture.  You can be sure that eventually your wood product will no longer be re-fillable...  *I cannot guarantee when that will be.  It is eligible for a refill as long as it can take it- no cracks, leaking holes etc.  Glass vessels can only be refilled twice, for safety purposes, since glass thins over time with heat.  

I will inspect your vessels when received to make sure it is safe for a refill. If it isn't for any reason, I will notify you and return your vessel.

Refill's are done with your understanding that there are inherent risks, as all candle burning is.  Please follow candle safety guidelines at all times.