Re-Fill Program



All vessels are chosen specifically so you can have re-fills, the whole purpose for this candle shop. Choose from two options- DIY refill for jars and full service refills.  All glass is also recyclable, unlike most glass vessels on the market.

DIY refill kit:  available for jars.  Wood product refills will have to utilize the full service refill or you can message me and I will make you a DIY kit specific to the size of your wood product. 

Full Service:  Once per month, I will be in a public location in Ripon to exchange/pick up vessels for refill.  Pick-up.Returns will occur one time per month-the last Saturday of each month, only in Ripon.  I will announce location on my Instagram page. You can also email or call me. You can also mail the vessel back if you choose to, please contact me prior.